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Welcome to Bremen! This is the homepage of EBH Radio Software GmbH. For 39 years we have been equipping radio and television stations with studio technology and software, developing music concepts for retail and franchise chains and have so far been able to equip over 170 cruise ships with stylish music.

With our mobile radio and video studios, we are happy to visit any company and design the live presentation of your products for your worldwide customers.

Music makes the world a better place concept made by plastic let

Our services

Audio marketing is more important than ever! In the shortest possible time we plan your project and deliver the music, playout software, internet distribution, voice track concepts, update techniques from our own stock!

Talk to us about your next audio or digital signage project!

Radio programming

SMUSIC – The first mobile app that allows listeners to
influence the music programme design of your station in real time.


30Apr 24

EBH returns from Seatrade/Miami with success

The EBH trade fair team returned to Germany extremely satisfied. SYNTHIA, the first software with artificial intelligence, was “the” trade fair talk! The software translates German/English texts into 32 world languages ​​and…

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