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Our News overview

EBH deliveres entertainment content for MSC Musica

All (9) ships in the “Smartship Series” are already equipped with EBH entertainment products. With the MSC Poesia and (now) MSC Musica, the outfitting of all 12 older ships of the shipping company is starting. EBH is pleased about this major order and thanks MSC for the trust it has placed in us.

EBH returns from Seatrade/Miami with success

The EBH trade fair team returned to Germany extremely satisfied. SYNTHIA, the first software with artificial intelligence, was “the” trade fair talk! The software translates German/English texts into 32 world languages ​​and produces its own sound files from them. Four global shipping companies are negotiating a fleet-wide deployment. We are pleased about the reactions to this world premiere.

EBH delivers entertainment tools for 13 river ships to SCENIC/Emerald

At the end of March, EBH Radio Software GmbH delivered hardware and software for 13 river cruise ships from the SCENIC / Emerald shipping company. Here, EBH was able to replace or renew an entertainment system that had been delivered around 10 years ago. EBH is now looking forward to another 10 interesting years with the customer SCENIC / Emerald.

SEATRADE in Miami: we’re there!

Even in this year EBH will attend the biggest cruise exhibition worldwide in April. EBH Radio Software GmbH will have a booth on the Seatrade and will exhibit the latest entertainment tools for cruise ships and yachts. Please feel invited and book your demo soon!

MSC orders entertainment for the POESIA

In October 2023 we received an order from MSC to euqip the MSC POESIA with a new BGM software and a completely new music design for the background music. A few days before Christmas we delivered the hard- and software. This was the 10th ship for MSC that EBH could supply.  

SCENIC / EMERALD order re-fits for 13 river ships

What a joy: EBH supplies SCENIC and Emerald since more that 10 years with entertainment concepts. Now EBH was awarded to re-equip 13 ships with a new version of ROSI BMS and fresh music. This order will be fulfilled until end of February 2024. EBH thanks the SCENIC / Emerald management and starts hopefully into the next 10 years...

New customer: Cafe del Sol

With big pleasure EBH announces a cooperation with one of Germany's leading restaurabnt groups Cafe del Sol. All restaurants have been equipped with new playout systems and a brand new music playlist. Much fun and success for all 31 Cafe del Sol!

SCENIC Eclipse II approved

On March 28th EBH got the signature under the approval protocols for the SCENIC Eclipse II. "Approval without failures". EBH wishes the Eclipse II many good years and always excellent music on all channels!

What a success on the Seatrade in Fort Lauderdale

2 long-standing customers have announced orders for 14 ships to be equipped with entertainment tools from EBH. 12 already existing ships and 2 new builds. Details will be given here after contract signatures.

EMERALD placed an order for the Sakara

The complete EBH team is delighted to equip the EMERALD Sakara with entertainment tools. The ship is built in Vietnam these months and should start its journey during summer 2023. The order has been given on 03.03.2023. EBH is proud to be a part of EMERALDS new build fleet.  

EBH at the Seatrade in Fort Lauderdale

The Seatrade Cruise Global, worldwide biggest fair for cruise technology, is taking place in Fort Lauderdale (USA) from March 28th - 30th 2023. The EBH Radio Software GmbH will exhibit again and present the following products: ROSI BMS 8 (now with direct stream output) latest silent disco technology SYNTHIA, TTS (text to speech software - SYNTHIA talks in more than 30 languages) Cruise Radio Our booth number is 1039-02 (within the German Pavilion). We recommend contacting us for a scheduled meeting beforehand.

Order Silent Disco now from EBH

You know silent disco as a dance event with several music channels. Get that from EBH as a “ready to use” turnkey solution. It comes either… with 3 music players, transmitters and however many headphones you need or… all of the above plus a video player with 200 music clips from the “golden era”. The player works in a shuffle mode and you can broadcast the videos on LED-screens while transmitting the music as Silent Disco. For more information just contact us and come visit us at the Seatrade Cruise Global in Fort Lauderdale at booth number 1039-02 within the German Pavilion! We are there from March 28-30.

How do you sell heavy immobile machinery today?

As the operator of a digital mobile TV studio, we would like to introduce a new way of communicating with customers: A multi-day TV show. The problem: Your global customers no longer have the opportunity to visit you with delegations like they used to. Industry trade fairs have either become financially prohibitive or no longer exist. The solution: present your company and your products with a TV show. We come to you and install a mobile TV studio in your assembly hall for a week. 4 - 6 cameras capture everything that is important. Your employees will guide you through the program. The aim is to produce several 45-minute TV shows for your customers/prospects. In the morning for your Asian partners, at noon for Europe, in the afternoon for the USA. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week (6 TV shows in total). Here you present your innovations. The "show" is designed by your team - we are the technical support. We will plan the course of events meticulously with all those involved, rehearse in detail beforehand and direct the show during the performance. Your sales representatives will explain the innovations when it comes to the customers. This way, your (future) partners can also get to know the staff members better. Everything is authentic! A short image film about your company rounds off the information about your business if necessary. Do all customers / interested parties know how big your company actually is? Your customers watch the show in real time via a protected YouTube channel and can ask "live" questions via email. They will then be answered live by your development manager. All TV shows are digitally recorded and left to you so that you can later cut out individual passages and use them for your further sales work. Are you interested? Please feel free to contact us.

EBH wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We thank all our partners, customers and employees for this past year. It was certainly not without challenges but we mastered everything and look forward to the next year with a positive attitude. To recap our year, here is EBH's 2022 in numbers: - exhibitioned at 1 international and 2 national fairs - commissioned 6 cruise ships with ROSI BMS and other entertainment tools - equipped over 30 Vapiano restaurants in Europe over 15 new Mister Spex stores over 10 other franchise stores with ROSI BMS Launched 4 new products/services: SpotDirect - advertisement planning software Synthia - TTS software Cruise Radio - worldwide marketing tool for cruise companies Concert videos - for the big screens in public areas on ships

MSC Seascape successfully equipped with EBH’s ROSI BMS

This week EBH has been in Trieste, Italy to commission ROSI BMS on the MSC Seascape. Everything went well and we wish the MSC crew and their guests great times on the Seascape.

A special order for EBH

It does not happen very often that EBH is given an order like this one. We are happy to announce that over the next 36 months we will supply 27 VAPIANO restaurants in France and 2 VAPIANO restaurants in Luxemburg with cool and fresh background music. With these new restaurants in their portfolio EBH once again emphasizes their role as the worldwide music supplier for the VAPIANO franchise and thanks the French CEOs for their trust.

MSC WORLD EUROPA successfully equipped with EBH’s ROSI BMS

Last week we flew to St Nazaire in Northern France to commission our ROSI BMS on the MSC WORLD EUROPA. It went great and we are really impressed by the ship's new interior design. We are already looking forward to flying to Triest, Italy to commission ROSI BMS on the MSC Seascape in three weeks.

EBH launches “Cruise Radio”

EBH has launched their latest product: the Cruise Radio! You want to extend your guests' vacation feeling and keep them interested and loyal to your cruise company? Then our cruise radio is the perfect solution! Every cruise company gets their own radio - an internet stream which the guests can listen to before and after their stay with you. The stream contains music that reminds your guests of vacation and can be mixed with voice tracks. Those voice tracks inform them about new itinieraries, new ships or exclusive campaigns and sales! Your guests receive the streaming link with their booking confirmation, with their travel documents before the stay on your ship and one last time approx. 5-10 days after they have gone off board. What would be even more perfect is if the stream is available on your company's mobile app. For more information write us an email

EBH welcomes Partyland as a new audio marketing customer

With pleasure EBH announces that Germany's leading Franchise company for party items “Partyland” has decided for EBH's audio marketing concept. A combination of background music and short voice tracks will accompany Partyland's customers from now on. EBH looks forward to a long term partnership.

++++ Concert videos for your cruise ships! ++++

Hello Cruise Industry: Our new Music Concert Videos are ready to deliver. Interested in ROLLING STONES - Live in Havana? We have it in stock! More than 4.000 concert videos (60 - 210 minutes) available. We offer this service as ·      “Video on Demand” for cabins based on a fee per view or ·      “Video to Go”: you get a certain amount of videos on a USB hard drive so you can play them everywhere on all screens in all public areas. Ask for your personalized quote! Any questions: please contact us! We are happy to send you our content lists from the genres - Pop - Jazz - Classical - Ballet Write us an e-mail to !

EBH as new sponsor for the German Franchise Association

We are happy to announce that we are now an official sponsor for the German Franchise Associaton. On the 16th and 17th of May we are going to be at the Franchise Forum in Berlin – the yearly meeting of the association. You can find our profile via the following link:  

EBH ordered as supplier for background music for Emerald Luna

The Emerald Luna is the newest river cruise ship of Emerald Cruises and is currently still at the yard in Hardinxveld in the Netherlands. We are so happy to also equip this ship with our background music.

MSC Europa, MSC Seascape and MSC Euribia equipped with our software ROSI BMS

We are extremely happy to be able to add three new MSC cruise ships to our portfolio. Our gratitude goes out to our partner MSC Cruises for the entertainment orders for the three new builds Europa, Seascape and Euribia. In the second half of this year we will be on our way to both France and Italy to commission our software on two ships. The third ship will follow next year.

EBH as an exhibitor at the Seatrade in Miami

On April 25th – 28th 2022 it is finally happening again! The Seatrade Cruise Global is taking place in Miami, as usual with visitors! We too will exhibit there and present our newest products such as SMUSIC or the latest version of ROSI BMS (Background Music Software). You will find us at the “German Pavilion” with the booth number 4436. We look forward to your visit!

Dear radio people, Probably, you know about the problem with the numerous "4-chord productions", don’t you? Compositionally, they are manageable within a few seconds, but they still have to be played. If you don't know exactly what I'm talking about: C major, G major, A minor, F major... and then once again from the beginning. You have no idea how many music tracks are currently in circulation according to this scheme. Summer time is coming and with it future music productions that always sound the same. REPERTOIRE is the first music scheduling software in the world to have a filter to make sure that these music tracks cannot be aired more than "X" times per hour and that a certain number of other songs are scheduled between these music tracks. So your broadcast hour will remain exciting and surprising in every respect! Please let us show to you this new rule in REPERTOIRE on the internet at any time!

Dear radio people, If your station is equipped with an American music scheduling system, you will find out that you will hear your "nineties" or "recurrents" or "hot rotation" tracks in the same position over and over again. With such software solutions, this is due to the strict mathematical calculation. Wouldn't it be nicer if you had large parts of this arrangement scheduled dynamically, every hour and every day? In other words, your hot rotation tracks will of course played exactly where you wish them to be aired, but all other title groups are put together differently every hour, like a bouquet of flowers that has the same flowers over and over again, but each in a different position? This is exactly what REPERTOIRE offers you with its patented sequential rules. Are you interested? We would like to introduce you to REPERTOIRE in more detail.

EBH Radio Software GmbH welcomes new customer GCCL / OatTravel

Last week, we received the order to equip the ships MV Arethusa, MV Artemis and MV Athena with our Audio on Demand for the cabins. We are very happy to welcome GCCL / OatTravel as our new customer.

EBH wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

EBH Radio Software GmbH wishes all customers, suppliers and partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We thank you very much for the good cooperation this year and look forward to continued successful cooperation in 2022!

Hardware for the Emerald Azzurra fully delivered

In Vietnam, the new ship of the shipping company Emerald Cruises is currently being built. It bears the name Emerald Azzurra and will be used in the Mediterranean and Red Sea from 2022 onwards. We are also equipping this ship from Emerald Cruises with our background music. We also supply ROSI DJ / media and audio on demand for the ship cabins of the Azzurra. The hardware for our systems has now been completely delivered and we are already looking forward to commissioning.

8 Vapiano branches are equipped with our background music

In the last few weeks we have equipped some Vapiano branches again, at various locations in Germany with our background music. We are very happy about the new customers in Chemnitz, Dresden, Oldenburg, Stuttgart, Wuppertal, Hagen, Dortmund and in Duisburg. We wish the restaurant operators all the best and much success!

REPERTOIRE – Home of Music Scheduling at IBC

Did you know that music scheduling software for radio stations was invented in Germany? EBH installed REPERTOIRE for the first time as early as 1985. At the IBC, EBH will show the new REPE 22 version for the first time. Completely revised with many new functions and modules! You'll find REPERTOIRE in Hall 1, booth 1.C10! We look forward to seeing you!

Are you a radio presenter, DJ or the entertainment director of a shipping company?

Then you better stop scrolling! From 3 December to 6 December 2021 at the IBC in Amsterdam, we will introduce SMUSIC, amongst others. With this interactive phone app, your listeners can determine the music program playfully. Please feel free to come to our booth 1.C10 and play a round of SMUSIC with us.

Attention retail chains and franchise systems!

Shop radio becomes audio marketing - at EBH for over 20 years! Varied music, exciting voice tracks and also an employee radio are part of good audio marketing so its effectiveness should not be underestimated. Get to know our latest technologies from 3 December to 6 December 2021 at our booth 1.C10 at the IBC in Amsterdam. We show many ways how you can offer your customers and employees an exciting audio program.

EBH at IBC 2021 in Amsterdam

This year we, EBH Radio Software, will be exhibiting again at the IBC in Amsterdam. Look forward to products like REPERTOIRE, SMUSIC, SpotDirect and many more. Please visit us between 3 December and 6 December 2021 at booth 1.C10a. We look forward to seeing you!

SMUSIC – the brand new smartphone app

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is SMUSIC. I would like to revolutionize the radio landscape. I make sure that music is adjusted in real time by your listeners in the current broadcast hour. Also, you can get to know me elsewhere - in football and handball stadiums, in cinemas, with good DJs - I make sure that the music you desire is played everywhere. A little game for you - a big impact for everyone! Just ask about me - ask about SMUSIC [evp_embed_video url=""]

Crystal Endeavor using ROSI BMS for background music

In June we equipped our sixth ship for Crystal Cruises with ROSI BMS, EBH’s background music software. The Endeavor is setting new standards in the field of luxury yachts. The ship can accommodate a maximum of 200 guests – serviced by 206 crew members. We wish a safe and pleasant journey.

MSC ship “Seashore” equipped with software

The MSC Seashore is a further development of the ships MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview and is 16 m longer. Larger main restaurants, casinos, shops and entertainment areas are available on board. We are also allowed to provide music to this ship of the MSC fleet, which we are very happy about.

New version of Klassik REPERTOIRE

Did you know that EBH Radio Software is the inventor of this software? We equipped the first radio stations in Germany with REPERTOIRE as early as 1985. Now other special versions have been added to our software, designed for classical music radio stations. If you are interested, please contact

New branch opened in London

The first three Vapiano branches in London have been supported by us with music for several years. Now, we are happy about the opening of another store on Tottenham Court Road.

New team member at EBH

For 35 years, we have been equipping radio and television stations with studio technology and software; also developing music concepts for retail and franchise chains and so far, we've been able to provide over 150 cruise ships with stylish music. We would like to welcome Ivone Rocha as the new project manager and assistant to the management to support the upcoming projects.

Sun, cocktails and beach feeling

What could be nicer than spending a sunny day in a beach club? Last weekend, the beach club at Lankenauer Höft in Bremen (GER) celebrated its opening and we are celebrating with them as well. We feel delighted to have convinced the beach club with our music concept and we do wish the owners and all their guests many sunny days this year.

Music editor (f/m/d) wanted!

Regardless of whether retail and franchise chains, restaurants or cruise ships: EBH has been delivering music concepts around the world for years. For our customers we create the perfect mix of music in individually scheduled playlists. Now we are looking for musical support. Apply to us as a music editor (f/m/d), please!  

Software developer (f/m/d) wanted!

Software developer (f/m/d) wanted! EBH Radio Software GmbH is Germany's leading provider of music and editorial software. Our customers are radio and television broadcasters, cruise ships and hotels as well as numerous retail chains. In line with our motto "less work - more fun", we continually develop supporting software solutions for our customers so we are currently recruiting for our software development department!

Dante media technician wanted

EBH Radio Software GmbH is a 35-year-old software media company. Our customers are radio and television broadcasters, cruise ships and hotels as well as numerous retail chains. For our technical department, we are recruiting a Dante media technician as soon as possible. Your knowledge can be described as follows: You are an absolute Dante specialist You also have analogue professional audio environments (e.g. on cruise ships) under control As a basis for employment, we can imagine a permanent position as well as a long-term project-oriented cooperation with you as an entrepreneur / freelancer. Please send your application!

World Dream – Genting Cruise Lines – Start with ROSI BMS

The cruise industry has been largely paralyzed since last year but we see the future positively. So does Genting Cruise Lines! EBH delivers fresh Chinese music before new cruises resume. EBH wishes all shipping companies a good start into the next season!

EBH takes part in the IBC 2021 in Amsterdam

The IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) is one of the world's most important trade fairs for radio and television production. EBH has registered as an exhibitor. Software solutions such as REPERTOIRE (music scheduling software), FastNews (news production) and SMUSIC (listeners create music programs) will generate buzz there, hopefully! We look forward to the presentation of our new software solutions and we would like to meet "old" and "new" faces there!

CONFERIO – EBH offers software for online conferences

Does your company work intensively with video conferences? With an external provider? You can change that immediately. Install the conference software behind your own firewall. Set up several virtual rooms for your video conferences. Meet your colleagues, customers or friends in HD and in an absolutely confidential environment! Best audio / video quality, chat, screen sharing, file transfer - all that is included in CONFERIO!   You only need your own video server for this. Otherwise no special equipment. Best of all: Simply enter the relevant link in your web browser and the meeting can start instantly. No app or other downloads necessary! We look forward to your interest!

For radio stations and restaurant chains: – SMUSIC – Integration as API in your app is now possible

SMUSIC is the world's first app which allows listeners/guests to influence your music scheduling in real time. As a game on their mobiles phones, listeners/guests can choose titles from a database for voting,  then vote - and then the winning songs are played. With our app you can integrate your listener/guest into your music scheduling and increase the length of stay in your restaurant. Now it is possible to integrate this app into your existing app. Your design - our common app! You haven't heard from SMUSIC yet? Please contact us, so we will "play" a round of SMUSIC with you!

For radio stations and restaurant chains: – SMUSIC – Integration as API in your app is now possible

SMUSIC is the world's first app which allows listeners / guests to influence your music scheduling in real time. As a game on their mobiles phones, listeners / guests can choose titles from a database for voting,  then vote - and then the winning songs are played. With our app you can integrate your listener/guest into your music scheduling and increase the length of stay in your restaurant. Now it is possible to integrate this app into your existing app. Your design - our common app! You haven't heard from SMUSIC yet? Please contact us so we will "play" a round of SMUSIC with you!

SEATRADE CRUISE GLOBAL in Miami postponed to the beginning of autumn – EBH is looking forward to participating

SEATRADE CRUISE GLOBAL is the most important event for the cruise industry. All facets of the cruise industry are there, including shipping companies, suppliers, travel agents and also the most knowledgeable speakers in the industry. Again, EBH will take part in the SEATRADE CRUISE GLOBAL in Miami this year as an exhibitor. Due to the current situation, the fair was postponed to the beginning of autumn 2021. We will introduce several new software solutions, and we're looking forward to making new contacts and also, of course, to the visits of familiar faces!

Mister Spex in Göttingen celebrates the opening – EBH delivers the music content

The branch in Göttingen celebrated its opening on February 10th, 2021 and EBH is happy to be the musical partner here too. We wish the branch a successful start! Numerous more Mister Spex branches in Germany and Europe are planned for this year.

Entertainment technology for SCENIC Eclipse 2

After the successful furnishing of the SCENIC Eclipse, EBH is pleased to equip the next new cruise ship, the SCENIC Eclipse 2, with entertainment technology. Commissioning is planned for 2022. The EBH wishes SCENIC and all other cruise lines a successful resumption of business!

WERBEFEE (‘advertising fairy’) becomes SPOTDIRECT – EBH’s new advertising disposal software

The development phase of "WERBEFEE" ('advertising fairy') is over. So now our advertising scheduling software starts under the name of "SPOTDIRECT". EBH is known as a provider of intelligent audio marketing solutions. Now, let's go a step further. With SPOTDIRECT, your industrial partners can request advertising spots in your branches directly on the internet! SPOTDIRECT is THE platform where supply and demand meet! For the online scheduling of the playout of commercials, we offer you the following features: Internet-based advertising scheduling software Direct advertising inquiries from the industry for your branch loudspeakers Booking of your own commercial advertising spots (for your own brands) Booking of image spots Everything on a national, on a regional and on a local basis Complete financial settlement Automatic integration of your recording studio into the software for quick productions on the spot Would you like to receive more information? If so, please contact us! Thank you.

EBH Radio Software with new homepage

Many new products, even more additional services - it just didn't fit on the old homepage anymore! Since Friday the EBH has a new internet presence. Interested? Please write to us: Contact

EBH supplies entertainment technology for MSC Virtuosa

EBH supplies entertainment technology for MSC Virtuosa For several months, the cruise industry came to a standstill. Now that we are very pleased to see progress in this important business segment, we deliver the entertainment products for the MSC Virtuosa. Final commissioning is scheduled for March/April 2021.

EBH has been and will remain VAPIANO’s entertainment partner.

EBH has been and will remain VAPIANO's entertainment partner.   Fortunately, there was only a short standstill after the VAPIANO insolvency before the chain was revived with fresh money and new people. EBH Radio is happy to continue to be the entertainment partner for VAPIANO World. We welcome old and new VAPIANO restaurants in Germany, England, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Doha, La Reunion and many other countries. We wish all VAPIANO restaurants a successful new start!

Live conferences for the workforce

Help in a very different way: live conferences for the workforce The current pandemic is affecting everyone - but in different ways. We are professionals in staff motivation and help companies free of charge! The questions your workforce is asking are: - How safe is my job? - What will happen in our company? - How long will short-time work last, etc.? Our offer: Live video conferences for the entire workforce. What is special about this? As the picture (simulated for you here) shows, we act as a moderator in Bremen and include up to two Skype conversation partners (representatives of your company) live in the conference. At the other end of the line, your staff follows this live connection, which lasts around 30 - 45 minutes. 300, 5000 or 35,000 participants. The number of viewers does not matter. Everything is free of charge, regardless of whether you are a client or not. The broadcast is of TV quality. Would you like to know more? We are looking forward to your call or email. Take care of yourself!

Audio marketing concepts for evergreen

Evergreen signs 48-month contract The preparation including some tests took about six months, but now Immergrün (Evergreen) has signed a contract and ordered 48 months of music support including audio equipment for all new franchise stores in Germany. This is a great order for EBH and we are proud to have found this new customer for our audio marketing concepts.

Software use “from everywhere”

We are very pleased to have been able to support so many radio and TV stations in recent days to provide office-based home office solutions to their own editors! Both FastNews (as news software) and REPERTOIRE (music scheduling) have modules that can be used outside the broadcasting office "from anywhere". In this way, hundreds of workstations were created at home within a few hours, which means that every radio and TV station of our customers is fully functional! We wish all our customers, including their family members, all the best, health and no illnesses, and look forward to further discussions and talks with you.

More Vapiano branches with EBH audio concept

More than 70 Vapiano restaurants are already using audio technology and music content from EBH and now we are announcing the next four restaurants to be equipped with our audio concept: - Vapaino La Reunion 3 - Vapiano Barcelona 3 - Vapiano Abu Dhabi Mall - Vapiano Stuttgart (Refit) EBH wishes Vapiano worldwide the best success in the coming months!

GRC Uniworld orders next ROSI DJ media licence

A few months ago, EBH started shipping the new ROSI DJ-Media software. It is capable of playing music sound files, video clips and karaoke files. ROSI can be delivered with a huge content library and grC Uniworld is already using the second licence.


EBH will be exhibiting again at SEATRADE in Miami in April 2020. Feel free to come by to see the latest ROSI BMS version or play SMUSIC with us - SMUSIC is a brand new generation of enrichment for your guests: let your guests influence the background music by the pool or in special lounges with their mobile phones. You can also try out the latest generation of SYNTHIA, a TTS (text-to-speech) software and generate 21 different languages for you. Let SYNTHIA speak all your standard announcements! Our stand is located in the German pavilion.

Uniworld chooses ROSI BMS again

Another order was received by EBH a few days ago. GRC Uniworld has decided to equip their vessel S.S. La Venezia with ROSI BMS. EBH is pleased to now equip Uniworld's 9th vessel with the software. ROSI BMS is the most widely used background music software in the world.

MSC Cruises orders entertainment systems from EBH

EBH is pleased to announce that MSC has ordered a complete entertainment package for the MSC Virtosa. Delivery is scheduled for October 2020.

EBH at the ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) in Amsterdam

You have the opportunity to meet us at ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Come and see our exceptional software products like the powerful SMUSIC, which brings back your listeners once lost to services like Spotify and Deezer, and listen to the natural sounding human voices of SYNTHIA in 21 different languages or meet ROSI, which in its latest version has become a full automation playout system - not only for radio stations but also for cruise ships , for retailers and for franchise restaurants. We would also like you to experience first-hand the brand new version of REPERTOIRE, our unique music scheduling software system that is based on German technology and is so much smarter than any other system currently available. So why not meet the EBH team at stand K220 in exhibition hall 7? We very much look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.

EBH to be at the European Radio & Digital Audio Show in Paris!

Visit us at the European Radio & Digital Audio Show in Paris! We will present the brand new version of REPERTOIRE and you will have the opportunity to gain your own experience with our unique music scheduling software. Don't miss REPERTOIRE and visit us at the Grande Halle de la Villette between Thursday 23 January and Saturday 25 January 2020.

SMUSIC is EBH’s latest software development

It is a mobile APP that lets your guests play the music by the pool or, for example, in some special lounges. SMUSIC is a game. First round: search for music tracks or artists and choose your favourite song. When 20 tracks have been put on the playlist, the second round begins. Now you can vote on the tracks via voting. After 120 seconds, the three winning tracks will be shown on the display and our software will play them automatically via your PA system. 30 or 60 (configurable) minutes later, the next game begins...

MSC Grandiosa with entertainment technology from EBH Radio Software

With the MSC Grandiosa, EBH is supplying entertainment technology for what is now the 5th ship of this shipping company. We are pleased about the "faultless acceptance" at the very first attempt and wish MSC every success with this newbuilding!

SCENIC Eclipse grants acceptance for ROSI BMS

It was with great pleasure that EBH Radio Software was able to complete three orders on the SCENIC Eclipse: ROSI BMS, a widely distributed background music system, goes live. Likewise, the first commercial licence of the new software ROSI DJ/Media. In addition, guests can enjoy a classical and pop music programme in the cabins. The SCENIC Eclipse is a "5 star ship" - EBh Radio Software is very happy about this new customer.

A-ROSA has music bouquet revamped on all ships

A-ROSA and EBH Radio Software GmbH have agreed on a complete revision of the music content for the 11 river cruise ships. With this order, both companies extend their more than 15-year collaboration for the coming years.

Mister Spex expands store network with EBH Audiomarketing

Mister Spex has announced the opening of additional shops in Magdeburg, Stuttgart, Munich and Hamburg. EBH is looking forward to expanding the collaboration - and providing audio marketing.

Uniworld places order for 4 more ships

It is with great pleasure that EBH has accepted an order to provide music for 4 more ships from the Uniworld shipping company. The SS Beatrice, Bon Voyage, SS Marie Theresa and River Queen will be supplied with EBH's music systems before the end of March.

MSC Bellissima “delivered”

In February 2019, EBH completed work on the MSC Bellissima (shipping company MSC). This ship is also now using EBH entertainment systems. Soon there will be 150 ships equipped...

VIKING Jupiter gives EBH an ‘acceptance without defects’ rating

The VIKING Jupiter is already the sixth vessel in the current VIKING series to be equipped with EBH's music systems. We are happy about an acceptance without defects, hopefully the guests will soon enjoy good background music.

10 more Vapiano restaurants commissioned from EBH

Vapiano is an extremely fast-growing restaurant chain. This makes the EBH team particularly happy: we will soon be supplying the entertainment systems for the new branches in Qatar, 2 x United Arab Emirates as well as 3 further restaurants in Londen,3 in Germany and for Barcelona.

Contract for Scenic Eclipse awarded

EBH Radio Software GmbH is proud to announce the order of two entertainment solutions for the SCENIC Eclipse - the first cruise yacht worldwide. The by far most luxurious ship of all the world's oceans will receive not only ROSI BMS but also the completely redesigned software ROSi DJ/Media. Delivery is scheduled for August/September.

Merck newbuilding with EBH entertainment

The new Merck customer centre in Darmstadt has recently been equipped with a complete entertainment system from our company. Several conference rooms and the public restaurants have a ROSI BMS multi-channel system.

New moderation courses released

There will be a new edition for moderation courses in the editorial rooms and studios of EBH in February and March. Various courses are now available for registration: MOD 1 (for newcomers, internet radio presenters and career changers from other industry and business sectors). Mondays from 16.00 - 20.00h. Max. 4 participants. Duration: 6 weeks with continuous training at home. Start: 05.02.2018 MOD 2 (for seminar participants after MOD 1 courses) Tuesdays from 16.00 - 20.00h. Max 4 participants. Duration: 6 weeks with continuous training work at home. Start: 06.02.2018 Switch-Mod (for people who have completed their studies and have at least 3 years of continuous professional experience and who want to switch to the media scene. Wednesdays and Thursdays from 16.00 - 20.00h. Max 4 participants. Duration: 10 weeks with continuous training work at home. Start 07.03.2018 Further information and registration via the contact page on this homepage.

New orders for EBH

The year is off to a great start. The following customers have placed orders with EBH for entertainment systems: NCL for the Norwegian BLISS VIKING for the ocean liner ORION Uniworld for the cruise ships "the A" and "Beatrice Additionally: VAPIANO Heidelberg and Glasgow We would like to thank all our customers for the trust they have placed in us.

A successful year draws to a close

New customers and a stable, ambitious team have made it possible: EBH is once again increasing its total turnover by over 30%. Our thanks go to all the customers who made this possible. The management's thanks go to the entire team, who have worked hard to achieve this success.

EBH equips more restaurants for VAPIANO.

EBH was able to commission no less than 4 new restaurants for VAPIANO in December. Complete audio technology was supplied for the new projects Copenhagen TIVOLI Copenhagen Fred 5 La Reunion Edinburgh and Barcelona delivered. Other restaurants will follow shortly. Here, too, ROSI BMS controls the unique musical enjoyment.

MSC Seaview cruises with EBH Software

After the Meraviglia, MSC has also commissioned EBH for the Seaview. ROSI BMS provides harmonious music with a total of 16 channels. The system was handed over to MSC on 10.11.2017.

STAR CRUISES launches the “World Dream”

Now the Genting Dream has a sister ship: the "World Dream". Also on board: the new ROSI BMS entertainment system. EBH is very pleased that STAR CRUISES wants to extend the cooperation for the next ships.

Crystal Cruises commissions EBH for two new cruise ships

Crystal Debussy and Crystal Ravel are the names of the two new ships that will also be equipped with the EBH entertainment system in early 2018. EBH would like to thank Crystal Cruises (USA) very much for the new orders.

GRC Uniworld commissions entertainment for “the B”

The river cruise ship the B represents a new concept. It is aimed at the younger generation and offers guests a completely new ambience with chill and lounge music. GRC awards the contract for the entertainment system to EBH. We thank them very much.

Crystal Cruises to use ROSI BMS for two new ships

In August 2017, EBH was able to help two new cruise ships get good music. The Crystal Mahler and Crystal Bach are launching with the new ROSI BMS system.

EBH equips more VAPIANO restaurants

The cooperation between VAPIANO and EBH is developing very positively for both companies. EBH will equip the following restaurants with audio technology before the end of 2017.

MSC Meraviglia uses ROSI BMS

With the Meraviglia, MSC is not only launching a new cruise ship, but also introducing a new class of ship. EBH proudly announces that it has also equipped this newbuilding with ROSI BMS.

Uniworld (Switzerland) new EBH customer

UNIWORLD is one of the world's leading cruise shipping companies. This makes it all the more gratifying to be able to add this renowned company to its list of customers with immediate effect. The SS Joie de Vivre will set sail in France from March 2017 equipped with entertainment technology from EBH.

Crystal Cruises relies on ROSI BMS

EBH received two orders from the shipping company Crystal Cruises. The two river cruise ships Crystal Bach and Crystal Mahler will both be equipped with the ROSI BMS entertainment software. Delivery has been agreed for April/May 2017.

VAPIANO opts for EBH concept

VAPIANO restaurants are represented worldwide. Easily enjoyable Italian Mediterranean cuisine and from 2017 also worldwide with audio systems from EBH. "A sporting challenge" comments Frank Harreß on the project - but we will deliver it on time. The restaurants in Fürth and Manchester were the trials - now the system is being rolled out globally.

VIKING orders ROSI BMS on for the VIKING SUN

EBH has already equipped three ocean-going vessels with entertainment technology. Now the Bremen team is pleased to have received the order for the VIKING SUN. The newbuilding will receive the latest ROSI BMS (Back-groundmusik) release. Installation date February 2017.

NCL orders software for Norwegian JOY

Following the successful acceptance of the entertainment software on Norwegian ESCAPE, the EBH team is rewarded in September! NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line, one of the world's largest and most successful cruise lines) commissions ROSI BMS (back-ground music software) for the Norwegian JOY as well. A modern DANTE-driven solution will be delivered in April 2017.

Follow-up order from STAR CRUISES

EBH has also "landed a software contract" for the Chinese shipping company's second newbuilding. Like its sister ship GENTING DREAM, GENTING WORLD will be equipped by EBH with audio software, video and music content solutions.   Delivery will take place in autumn 2017.

3rd ship of the VIKING Ocean fleet ordered

The VIKING SKY will also be equipped by EBH. We are proud to have received this order as well. The delivery of the VIKING SKY will take place in spring 2017.

Successful acceptance of the 2nd Viking ocean liner VIKING SEA

We are pleased to have once again convinced with our technology and audio concept. As with the VIKING STAR, the acceptance of the VIKING SEA went off without a hitch.   The EBH team is expecting the next VIKING order for the expansion of the ocean fleet before the end of this year.

Mister Spex opts for EBH audio concept

Mister Spex, Europe's leading internet optician is launching its shop business with an audio concept developed by EBH. We are delighted to have been commissioned to equip the first master branch in Berlin and then all other branches in Germany and Europe in the future.

VIKING River Cruises adds another 7 ships to its fleet

The EBH team would like to thank VIKING River Cruises for the follow-up order for the next 7 river cruise ships. The Alruna, Egil, Osfrid, Tialfi and Vilhaljm will sail the Rhine/Main/Danube route, the Kadlin and Rolf will be deployed in France. EBH is again supplying the ROSI BMS entertainment software.

SCENIC orders software for three more ships

This collaboration is also growing steadily and EBH is pleased to announce orders for the SCENIC Amber (Germany) and SCENIC Azure (Portugal). Both ships will start their first season in 2016 and EBH is contributing the entertainment software.

VAPIANO Manchester opens with EBH audio concept

After VAPIANO Fürth, EBH has now also been able to equip VAPIANO Manchester with an audio concept. In addition to the acoustic planning and delivery of the complete audio equipment, the music editors also developed a music concept specially tailored to VAPIANO Manchester. Bon appétit!

EBH launches ROSI BMS on Norwegian Escape

4 months of preparation time was given to the EBH team that took care of the new ship NCL ESCAPE and it turned out to be a precision landing. 5 days before the maiden voyage, the 24 channel background music system ROSI BMS was handed over.

Emerald adds to existing fleet

EBH has also signed a fleet contract with EMERALD Waterways. So we are pleased to be able to equip the next newbuilding - the EMERALD BELLE - as well. Delivery will take place in January 2016, and the BELLE will set off on her maiden voyage in April.

Baby One collaboration grows steadily

In September, the 32nd "BabyOne" specialist store ordered EBH's store solution. BabyOne is Germany's leading specialist store for baby and toddler supplies and decided to enter into a long-term cooperation with EBH at the beginning of 2015. Since then, both companies have been working together in the field of audio marketing.


EBH is pleased to announce a new client. STAR CUISES is the leading cruise operator in the Asian region. After intensive examination of several offers, STAR CRUISES has decided in favour of the concept of EBH Radio Software GmbH. EBH will provide comprehensive entertainment solutions for the CHINESE DREAM ship, which is currently under construction. Commissioning is scheduled for spring 2016.

Successful acceptance of the VIKING Star

In March, EBH completed work on the VIKING STAR in Italy. The extensive entertainment system supplied passed the acceptance test "without any defects" - the EBH team is now eagerly awaiting the orders for the second and third sister ships.

Room concepts Horsch commissions EBH

A healthy life requires the "right" sleep. This is the theme that "Raumkonzepte Horsch" is implementing worldwide and has commissioned a very special music format from EBH for this purpose. All branches and franchise partners will use this novel music concept in their business premises in the future.

VAPIANO Fürth equipped by EBH

Since summer 2014, there have been intensive talks between VAPIANO, the worldwide unique restaurant chain, and EBH and in February 2015, both companies agreed on the cooperation. The new branch in Fürth is the starting point of the cooperation. EBH supplies the entire audio technology, including an intelligent volume control that automatically adjusts the music level to the current number of guests.

Baby One relies on EBH technology

Baby One, Germany's leading chain of specialist stores for baby equipment, has commissioned EBH to design its audio marketing. In the coming months, all shops will be equipped with an audio system.

NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line) relies on EBH software again

EBH has already been able to equip 6 ships with entertainment for NCL. Now one of the largest cruise lines in the world has also chosen ROSI BMS for the newbuilding NORWEGIAN ESCAPE. Delivery has been agreed for autumn 2015. Until then, EBH will develop another new music concept for the Miami-based shipping company.

Scenic (Switzerland) expands cooperation with EBH

After EBH received and successfully completed the order to equip the current 12 river cruise ships with entertainment software in 2013, SCENIC has decided to also order the 4 newbuildings in 2015 from EBH. 2 SCENIC and 2 EMERALD ships will soon be equipped with ROSI BMS as well as ROSI DJ

COSTA Crociere becomes new EBH customer

After two years of permanent rapprochement, COSTA Crociere, Italy's leading cruise line and EBH have decided to cooperate for the current newbuilding COSTA DIADEMA. ROSI BMS with 16 channels and a completely newly developed music concept will be used there.

VIKING Oceanliner uses EBH software

2014 begins as beautifully as 2013 ended: EBH received the order to equip the new VIKING Oceanliner with ROSI Background software via its US partner L3. Here, EBH successfully prevailed against several suppliers and is looking forward to the implementation in autumn 2014.

Balzac Coffee relies on ROSI Background

The branches of BALZAC COFFEE will be equipped with the music software ROSI Background from January 2014. The contract has a term of 36 months. EBH is pleased to have won BALZAC COFFEE, one of the most successful coffee house providers, as a customer.

Scenic Cruises commissions software for 8 cruise ships

EBH Radio Software's most successful business year to date gets a "sugar loaf"! Scenic Cruises, Switzerland has commissioned EBH to equip 8 cruise ships with the software solutions ROSI Background as well as ROSI DJ. The delivery date has been set for February 2014.

EMERALD Waterways relies on software from EBH Radio Software

Emerald Waterways has also opted for the ROSI Background entertainment system for the two newbuildings EMERALD SKY and EMERALD Star. The realisation of this order is discussed for January / February 2014.

VIKING RIVER Cruises, Basel orders 14 more entertainment systems

In December 2012, EBH was pleased to receive the VIKING order for 10 river ship newbuildings - delivery of the ROSI Background entertainment system - now followed by 14 more licences in the next 4 months. This brings the total number of VIKING river cruise vessels equipped with ROSI Background to 25. Many thanks to VIKING River Cruises for their confidence in us.


After 4 months of testing and the development of a far-reaching interface to the studio system "Myriad", Imagine FM, Manchester has started productive work with REPERTOIRE. EBH is delighted to have this new licensing partner in England.

Beate Uhse opts for EBH Audiomarketing

After long consideration and testing of various concepts, Beate Uhse Einzelhandels GmbH decides in favour of ROSI BMS in May 2013! EBH will take over audio marketing in the German branches with immediate effect - an expansion to all European locations is planned for autumn 2013.

From 6 to 9

EBH is pleased to also hand over the next three entertainment solutions to Viking River Cruises. This means that the entire order is nearing completion. The following vessels will receive a ROSI BMS system: VIKING Atla VIKING Baldur VIKING Jarl

2nd Viking tranche delivered

Viking River Cruises also receives the second delivery in time for the christening of the newbuildings. EBH is also supplying ROSI BMS for the VIKING Var VIKING Rinda VIKING Forseti

EBH delivers 1st tranche for Viking River Cruises

Out of the 10-ship order, EBH will deliver the first three entertainment solutions to the cruise line for the newbuildings in February 2013. VIKING Bragi VIKING Skadi VIKING Gate ROSI BMS (background music) now creates the musical ambience for the mostly foreign guests.

Kiss FM Romania expands FastNews network

After a one-year trial period, KISS FM, Romania's leading private broadcaster, has now decided to expand its FastNews network to include another 20 cities. The station group's real-time network now includes over 30 locations. FastNews is an agency and newsroom system and allows users to have a decentralised editorial structure.  The software has been installed since 1989 and is one of Europe's most widely used newsroom solutions.

Viking fleet order for entertainment software

EBH is pleased to announce an interesting order. After a three-month trial, Viking River Cruises has decided to equip the 10 new ships expected in 2013 with ROSI Background. ROSI BMS is one of the leading software solutions for automatically designed background music on cruise ships and in hotels. EBH will deliver the first installations in March 2013.

AMA Waterways commissions entertainment software

With the AMAPrima, AMA Waterways orders the second ship in a row from EBH in 2012 and also relies on ROSI BMS here. Delivery is scheduled for February 2013. EBH is pleased and grateful for the trust placed in it.

Radio Haferwende On Air

EBH Radio Software not only produces software for radio and television but is also active as a technology partner in event broadcasting. On 15 September 2012, for example, our studio was located in the Horn-Lehe industrial estate and accompanied the "End of Summer in the Haferwende" event with a 10-hour live programme. With our own transmitter and antenna technology, the programme could be received far beyond Bremen's borders. Numerous calls during the broadcast prove that the "fascination of radio" still exists and that event radio in particular offers an interesting alternative to conventional radio stations due to the non-formatted music.

AVALON VISTA gets ROSI background installation

After long and intensive discussions, Globus Cosmos (Switzerland) has also decided to install ROSI Background for the AVALON VISTA. The software will be delivered promptly. EBH wishes the guests on the AVALON VISTA "good entertainment" at all times!

Shipping company Viking commissions ROSI Background

EBH is pleased about a new customer! The cruise line Viking River Cruises has commissioned the ROSI Background software for its new ship VIKING AEGIR. The extensive set of rules that excludes unwanted title repetitions, the flexible handling and the easy-to-use interface were the deciding factors. EBH now believes it has a good chance of also equipping the eight new Viking cruise ships with the software in 2013.

EBH launches sale of radio studios to Bundesliga football clubs

Now it is also possible in Germany! All Bundesliga football clubs (1st and 2nd division) can now open their own studio and operate their respective stadium radio via a mobile app, internet and their own FM frequencies. EBH has clarified the respective licensing conditions with various state media authorities in an elaborate procedure and provides each football club with a turnkey studio. This includes, among other things, its own FM transmitter including antenna technology, with which each Bundesliga club is allowed to broadcast terrestrially three hours before the start of a home match and two hours after the end of the respective match. Further information is available at any time on request from EBH in Bremen.

EBH produces five concert recordings during jazzahead 2012, Bremen

EBH is pleased to have been commissioned by jazzahead Bremen to produce concert recordings for the following bands during the 2012 festival: Cecile Verny Kolektiv Istanbul Simin Tander CODA Sara Colman With jazzahead, another organiser is using EBH's digital recording studio. For further information, please contact jazzahead, Bremen or EBH Radio Software GmbH, Bremen.

SBS Romania expands FastNews installation

EBH is pleased to announce another order from SBS Broadcasting Media S.R.L. The news network installed at the beginning of 2011 with the editorial headquarters in Bucharest and 12 satellite locations will be expanded by a 13th location in Chisinau. The technical concept, which allows every employee of a regional field location to work on the central news programme in the same way as the employees at the Bucharest location, has convinced all editors. EBH wishes SBS continued success!


From 11 to 15 February 2012, the Stuttgart trade fair grounds will be the trend show for hoteliers, restaurateurs, communal caterers, caterers, confectioners and owners of ice cream parlours. This year, EBH will be exhibiting at this trade fair for the first time. You will find us in Hall 8 Stand A30. We look forward to your visit!

Shipping company AMA Waterways GmbH

After intensive tests, the Swiss shipping company decided to equip one of its river cruise ships, the MS Amacerto, with ROSI background equipment for the first time. The delivery will take place in 2011 and EBH is very pleased about this new customer. After successful acceptance AMA Waterways is looking forward to further orders.

Cruise line A-ROSA

The new ship of the Rostock company, the A-ROSA Silva, will also be equipped with ROSI Background as well as ROSI DJ. The guests of the shipping company A-ROSA can now enjoy the atmospheric music ambience created by the ROSI Entertainemnt software on all ten river cruise ships. The EBH would like to thank you for your new trust and is looking forward to further cooperation!

SBS Broadcasting Media S.R.L.: acquires 14 additional FastNews licences

The leading Romanian broadcasting group has decided to create a nationwide network from its central newsroom. To this end, all fourteen other locations will be networked with the central office. The journalists will then be able to participate in the design of the current news programme and other programme elements from each external studio. The realization is planned for October / November 2011.

End of summer in the Haferwende

On 17 September 2011 at 11.00 a.m. the starting shot will be fired for the first "end of summer at the Haferwende". An event for the whole family with lots of fun, sports, games and culinary delights. During this event, the EBH will locally broadcast an event radio with the help of the company's own mobile radio studio and its own broadcast frequency.

IBC – 2011

Also this year EBH was present with its booth at the world's largest broadcast fair in Amsterdam. On board were the latest developments around FastNews, REPERTOIRE21st, AutoCast, ROSI Background, ROSI Broadcast and ROSI DJ. There was even a premiere: ROSI Video Commander was presented for the first time. A big thank you to all stand visitors for the interesting discussions!

SBS Broadcasting Media S.R.L: FastNews successfully started operation

Since 29 April 2011, the Romanian stations Kiss FM, Magic FM and Rock FM have been successfully producing their radio programmes with FastNews. In addition to the central newsroom (7 workstations), all moderation activities are planned with FastNews. With EBH's own software FastStudio, they are brought directly on air. In a further expansion step next year, all field studios from the seven largest Romanian cities will be connected to the central installation. Romania's largest radio group will then have a nationwide news network.


The new river cruiser, the A-ROSA BRAVA, is put into service. It is the ninth ship of the Rostock company, which goes on a "great journey" with ROSI DJ and ROSI Background. Both ROSI software solutions are also firmly planned for next year's ship. The EBH team would like to thank the A-ROSA shipping company for their renewed trust. We wish all guests wonderful voyages.

Radio Krakow remains REPERTOIRE customer

Radio Kraków has been successfully planning playlists with REPERTOIRE for fifteen years. The EBH team is pleased that our long-time customer has ordered the new version REPERTOIRE and is extending its commitment. Together with the distributor Z.E.P. (Zaklad Elektroakustyki Profesjonalnej), Poland, all REPERTOIRE licences will be updated to the new version in 2011. Many thanks to the responsible persons of Radio Kraków for the renewed confidence!

New Playlist –

Due to the many requests, the channel "echt deutsch" is replaced by the channel "Lounge Affairs". This channel offers lounge music 24 hours a day. The EBH team wishes you a lot of fun listening to music.

Cruise Lines Transocean

Fresh music for the MS-Astor. In June the EBH will install a complete radio studio and a new ROSI DJ and ROSI Background on the MS-Astor. All guests are now woken up daily with unusually beautiful music titles by the professional radio presenters.

Radio Station and REPERTOIRE

In May 2010, MDR - Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (German radio station) in Halle will put the new music planning software REPERTOIRE into operation, replacing the previous REPERTOIRE licence after eleven years. The EBH would like to thank you for your trust and is looking forward to further cooperation.

A-ROSA river cruises

Just in time for the start of the season, EBH has equipped all eight river cruise ships of the A-ROSA shipping company (Rostock) with the ROSI entertainment software and put them into operation. The delivery included eight software licences for ROSI DJ as well as eight licences ROSI Background. The A-ROSA guests can now enjoy a perfectly planned music ambience. Selected classical music as well as pleasant entertainment music in the cabins and daily changing music programmes in the restaurant - depending on the food on offer and the country in which the ship is currently located.

FastNews Zertifizierung für Betriebssysteme

Manufacturer's Announcement FastNews: Certification of Windows 7 begins The EBH Radio Software, manufacturer of the news software FastNews, announces update developments and a certification of the software for 64bit systems. With the introduction of new operating systems, such as Windows 7, 64bit operating systems are now making their way into the newsroom. The news software FastNews will therefore be completely converted to 64bit routines by summer 2011 and will then receive an unrestricted certification. It is to be expected that all professional (commercial) users will start using Windows 7 at the earliest after presentation of a first official service pack. Therefore, EBH FastNews will also only test and finally release the SP1 after presentation of the SP1. Until then the unrestricted release of the application for Windows XP SP3 as well as for the server components for the versions 2003, 2008 and 2008R2 (for the MySQL database and the RSS import service) is valid. Further information can be obtained directly from the manufacturer.

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