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Branch companies

Music and voice tracks for retail and restaurant chains

Do you need a new and fresh music concept for your group?

Are you planning to move from in-store radio to audio marketing?

Do you also think about your employees, about their information and motivation?

Then we look forward to a quick contact with you!


Regardless of whether it is food retail, textiles, fitness chains, high-quality living accessories – we look forward to your challenge!

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Music creation with ROSI BMS

Audio marketing system

What used to be called “in-store radio” affectionately, is now a far-reaching audio marketing system. It’s not just about the right music, but also about addressing your customers perfectly and informing and motivating your employees optimally.

EBH Radio Software has developed a wide variety of concepts for branch and franchise groups and also serves several restaurant chains.

With our ROSI BMS software, you have a flexible tool at hand to achieve all of the above-mentioned goals effortlessly.

When could we present our concept to you?


Your automated advertising scheduling

Does your company sell advertising time in its branches?

Are you looking for an advertising scheduling system that is tailored to your company and to your needs?

Then you should talk to us about the SPOTDIRECT, which is our ‘advertising fairy’ software.

This software gives your advertising partners controlled access that enables direct booking of advertising formats. Same thing for the employees in your marketing department.

After your approval, the SpotDirect(advertising fairy) creates a weekly schedule and takes care of the automated playout within your audio marketing system.

This software cannot be compared to any other product in the world. As the manufacturer of this tool, we guarantee you 100% of customization to your needs!

The highlight is, there are no primary costs for using SPOTDIRECT (advertising fairy). As part of a long-term cooperation, you pay for the expenses incurred through a small agency commission based on the advertising sales achieved.

The SPOTDIRECT (advertising fairy) is revolutionizing the disposal of your paid advertising time!

Intelligent POS video screens

"Lift & Learn"

For many years EBH has also been working on the modern design of POS locations. In the video we present our newest intelligent POS video displays which are distributed and sold by the name of Lift & Learn.

Stick an RFID chip to your products and they will create an instant informational video if they are placed on a certain area of the display. Whether you explain the varieties of red and white wine in the grocery department or the different colours and available sizes of a shoe in a shoe store – Lift & Learn explains it to your customers immediately.

The new POS design can be used with horizontal and vertical displays.

We look forward to creating a live demo for you.



From text to advertising spot in 10 minutes

Expensive recording studio productions and thus long waiting times are history. With SYNTHIA, EBH offers you a fully synthetic speaking voice that you can change as you wish with our software!

Do you want a quick advertisement in grocery retail or maybe the new offer of the week in your restaurant? Or even a special offer in the furniture trade etc – with SYNTHIA you need less than ten minutes to have your own finished advertising spot, produced by yourself.

Several speakers are available to you.

So let yourself be surprised – SYNTHIA speaks your language too!

Do you need more information?

We will be pleased to inform you about our products and services.

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