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Cruise Radio

You want to extend your guests’ vacation feeling and keep them interested and loyal to your cruise company? Then our cruise radio is the perfect solution!

Every cruise company gets their own radio – an internet stream which the guests can listen to before and after their stay with you.

The stream contains music that reminds your guests of vacation and can be mixed with voice tracks. Those voice tracks inform them about new itinieraries, new ships or exclusive campaigns and sales!

Your guests receive the streaming link with their booking confirmation, with their travel documents before the stay on your ship and one last time approx. 5-10 days after they have gone off board. What would be even more perfect is if the stream is available on your company’s mobile app.



SMUSIC - the completely new kind of audio on demand

With SMUSIC you have a telephone app with which your guests can influence the background music in real time. Here are two examples:

Situation No 1

Your guests at the pool are listening to the background music provided by EBH. Every 30 minutes a SMUSIC game starts, in which your guests at first (in game round one) are selecting songs from a given database (approx. 5000 tracks). These songs will be transferred to a playlist automatically. All telephones work synchronized in real-time so each participant is able to see what’s happening on his mobile phone.

When your guests have selected 25 songs from the database, game round one ends automatically and game round two starts. Now each participant can assign “10 credits” in general to the various suggestions. However, your guests can’t give more than three credits on a single song!

This game round should also be over after approx. 20-30 seconds.

Afterwards, the three winner songs are displayed to your guests and SMUSIC immediately plays them at a slightly increased volume level by the pool.

So SMUSIC is a reward app and entertains your guests every 30 or 60 minutes by a new game.

Situation No 2
(background music)

Does your cruise ship or your hotel have an Explorer’s Lounge? With decent classical music? Here, you can play SMUSIC, too, but not the way just shown, but as a real audio on demand. The guests look for a symphony or a piano concerto or for individual movements from the database provided by us. Throughout the day, your guests and can put together the music programme themselves.

If no guest requests a song, ROSI BMS will of course play your background music.

A small, discreet monitor can show which tracks are currently being played and which ones are planned for the near future.

rosi Logo

Rosi BMS

Perfect background music with ROSI BMS

Probably, there’s a reason why ROSI BMS is used for background music on more than 150 cruise ships.

We could imagine that it is due to the extremely flexible handling with different music genres on our various channels or is it our extraordinary music selection which EBH Radio Software GmbH makes available to various cruise operators?

Well, maybe it is the regular update service (once a week) copying fresh new music to the different channels every week via the internet?

We believe that it is due to the rules of music rotation which ensures that a track being played at any given time on a channel is not repeated within a four-hour time frame for seven days.

There are still so many reasons to find out why ROSI BMS is world market leader for background music on cruise ships. The best thing is, you can find out for yourself at a presentation!

ROSI BMS can be operated on one, 10 and 100 music channels in parallel on a cruise ship or in a hotel.



The new type of Audio on Demand

There are many standard announcements that you need in a hotel and especially on a cruise ship in different world languages. Your crew speaks every language – but also with the necessary calm and error-free?

SYNTHIA, professionalisation of your standard announcements:

Type your message into the software in different world languages ​​and then let SYNTHIA speak the text. You won’t believe your ears how much the voice sounds like a real human being!

All of the texts you have saved are saved with the associated sound file for later use and can be used again at any time.

SYNTHIA can’t wait to get to know you personally!

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Rosi DJ Media

Entertainment that you can activate at the push of a button

ROSI DJ MEDIA is all-inclusive entertainment software.

The system is supplied with a notebook, a small external sound card and the following content:

  • 15,000 music tracks, updated weekly with new chart entries
  • about 15,000 karaoke tracks
  • approx. 4000 music clips, as known from MTV, VIVA, VH1

Of course, karaoke and music videos are also updated regularly!

Video Clips on board

Videos for digital signage

Increase customer interest by playing video clips on the public monitors. 

Inform guests about current offers, excursion destinations and events.

  • Spa services and offers
  • Nearby attractions
  • Benefits of being a guest on board
  • Information on new itineraries around the world
  • Schedules for shows and entertainment


Over 300 hours of video content

  • Video clips in HD
  • Compatible with any video software
  • Duration from 3 – 8 minutes

Do you need more information?

We will be pleased to inform you about our products and services.

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