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WERBEFEE (‘advertising fairy’) becomes SPOTDIRECT – EBH’s new advertising disposal software

The development phase of “WERBEFEE” (‘advertising fairy’) is over. So now our advertising scheduling software starts under the name of “SPOTDIRECT“.

EBH is known as a provider of intelligent audio marketing solutions.

Now, let’s go a step further. With SPOTDIRECT, your industrial partners can request advertising spots in your branches directly on the internet!

SPOTDIRECT is THE platform where supply and demand meet!

For the online scheduling of the playout of commercials, we offer you the following features:

  • Internet-based advertising scheduling software
  • Direct advertising inquiries from the industry for your branch loudspeakers
  • Booking of your own commercial advertising spots (for your own brands)
  • Booking of image spots
  • Everything on a national, on a regional and on a local basis
  • Complete financial settlement
  • Automatic integration of your recording studio into the software for quick productions on the spot

Would you like to receive more information? If so, please contact us!

Thank you.

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