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Live conferences for the workforce

Help in a very different way: live conferences for the workforce

The current pandemic is affecting everyone – but in different ways. We are professionals in staff motivation and help companies free of charge! The questions your workforce is asking are:

– How safe is my job?

– What will happen in our company?

– How long will short-time work last, etc.?

Our offer: Live video conferences for the entire workforce.

What is special about this?

As the picture (simulated for you here) shows, we act as a moderator in Bremen and include up to two Skype conversation partners (representatives of your company) live in the conference. At the other end of the line, your staff follows this live connection, which lasts around 30 – 45 minutes. 300, 5000 or 35,000 participants. The number of viewers does not matter.

Everything is free of charge, regardless of whether you are a client or not. The broadcast is of TV quality.

Would you like to know more? We are looking forward to your call or email.

Take care of yourself!

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