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How do you sell heavy immobile machinery today?

As the operator of a digital mobile TV studio, we would like to introduce a new way of communicating with customers: A multi-day TV show.

The problem: Your global customers no longer have the opportunity to visit you with delegations like they used to. Industry trade fairs have either become financially prohibitive or no longer exist.

The solution: present your company and your products with a TV show.

We come to you and install a mobile TV studio in your assembly hall for a week. 4 – 6 cameras capture everything that is important. Your employees will guide you through the program.

The aim is to produce several 45-minute TV shows for your customers/prospects.

In the morning for your Asian partners, at noon for Europe, in the afternoon for the USA.
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week (6 TV shows in total). Here you present your innovations.

The “show” is designed by your team – we are the technical support. We will plan the course of events meticulously with all those involved, rehearse in detail beforehand and direct the show during the performance.

Your sales representatives will explain the innovations when it comes to the customers. This way, your (future) partners can also get to know the staff members better. Everything is authentic!

A short image film about your company rounds off the information about your business if necessary. Do all customers / interested parties know how big your company actually is?

Your customers watch the show in real time via a protected YouTube channel and can ask “live” questions via email. They will then be answered live by your development manager.

All TV shows are digitally recorded and left to you so that you can later cut out individual passages and use them for your further sales work.

Are you interested? Please feel free to contact us.

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